Sony acquires OnLive patents and patent-related assets

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Sony Computer Entertainment has acquired OnLive’s US and foreign patent portfolio as well as certain patent-related assets for an undisclosed amount.

Confirming the deal, Sony said the purchase opens “great opportunities for our gamers, and gives Sony a formidable patent portfolio in cloud gaming.”

Launched in 2010, OnLive offered instant on-demand access to over 150 games on multiple devices, including PC, Macs and a dedicated micro-console.

As part of the deal, OnLive’s services including OnLive’s Game Service, OnLive Desktop and Second Life, will continue to operate until April 30. The company announced that no further subscription renewals will be charged beginning Thursday and that all the users who were charged for subscriptions on or after March 28 will be entitled to receive a refund.

“It is with great sadness that we must bring the OnLive Game Service to a close. Sony is acquiring important parts of OnLive, and their plans don’t include a continuation of the game service in its current form,” the company’s post on the OnLive support website read.

“Your service should continue uninterrupted until April 30, 2015. No further subscription fees will be charged, and you can continue to play all of your games until that date.

“We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being an OnLive customer, and we wish you all the best.”

It is believed that Sony has acquired OnLive’s patents to add to its game streaming service PlayStation Now.

Financial terms of the deal remain undisclosed.