Average 4G speed in UK down to 14.7Mbps from 15.1Mbps: Ofcom

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UK’s average 4G currently sits at 14.7Mbps, down from an average of 15.1Mbps reported in Q2 2014; new research by Ofcom has revealed.

Ofcom’s latest report, based on the 4G performance of 120,000 devices in Edinburgh, Leeds, London, Newcastle, Poole and Bournemouth during October and December 2014, found that average 4G speed in the UK dropped from 15.1Mbps to 14.7Mbps, while 3G connection speed has dropped from 6.1Mbps to 5.9Mbps during the same time period.

It is to be noted that variation in the 3G and 4G speeds could also be because of the regulator changing three of the locations where the data was gathered. Birmingham, Glasgow and Manchester were not included this time.

The research found that among all the four operators, EE, O2, Vodafone and Three, which had both 4G and 3G coverage in these selected locations, EE delivered the fastest average 4G download speed of 18.6Mbps, while Three delivered the slowest of 8.5Mbps, down from 10.7Mbps in Q2. Vodafone was second with 16.4Mbps speed, up from 14.3Mbps in Q2 and O2 was third at 13.9Mbps speed, down from 15.6Mbps speed.

As per the report, the fastest average 4G speeds across all four networks were in Poole/Bournemouth at 15.6Mbps and Newcastle at 15.3Mbps. Leeds came next in the list with 14.8Mbps average 4G speed, followed by Edinburgh at 14.7Mbps and London at 13.2Mbps.

Ofcom consumer and content group director Claudio Pollack said “4G is delivering a significantly enhanced mobile experience and, as these services roll out across the UK, our research will support consumers when choosing the right mobile package for their needs.”