Brief total lunar eclipse to be visible over North America, Australia, East Asia

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Sky gazers in North America, Australia and East Asia will have an opportunity to witness a total lunar eclipse this weekend for a brief period of time – about 12 minutes – on April 4.

The astronomical event will be visible on Saturday evening in Australia and East Asia. The eclipse would be visible as the full moon drops toward the western horizon. Sky watchers in the western United States and Canada will be able to see the total eclipse before the moon sets.

The Earth’s shadow has been expected to barely eclipse the upper portion of the moon, which accounts for the short duration.

Also, the upper portion of the moon would remain relatively bright and might dampen the copper or blood colour that was common with total lunar eclipses.

In India, the entire celestial event will be visible in the Northeastern states of India on April 4 from 3:45:04 PM to 7:15:2 PM (IST). It will reach its peak at 5:30:30 PM when the earth’s shadow will block the moon completely.