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Microsoft prepping two new affordable laptops: Report

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New reports suggest Microsoft is prepping two low cost laptops to take on Google’s affordable Chromebooks.

According to a report on Digitimes, Redmond is working on at least two new affordable 11.6-inch laptops which will run its upcoming Windows 10 OS.

As per the report, the two super-budget laptops will target towards the education and growing consumer markets where the tasks are limited to web browsing, word processing and social media use.

The report adds that Microsoft’s education-centric laptop will be manufactured by Taiwan’s Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) and will be sold via the same education marketing channel as employed by ECS-Microsoft for their Classmate PC. The same is likely to be priced at $179.

Meanwhile, the other low-end laptop, which is intended for a wider consumer market, will be manufactured by China’s 3 Nod and will be sold via normal sales mode for $149.

It is reported that both the notebooks will be powered by Intel’s Bay Trail-T CR (BTCR) processors.

Redmond is expected to launch the two budget Windows 10 Notebooks around the middle of the year.

Microsoft is yet to comment on the report.