Chair-bound Brits urged to break prolonged sitting bouts at work

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Researchers have warned that sedentary behaviour at work increases one’s risk of developing type 2 diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases and chair-bound workers should avoid sitting for prolonged duration to lower their risk of developing life-threatening diseases.

According to a survey carried out by British Heart Foundation, which polled 2,000 UK office workers, almost half of women (45 per cent) and almost two fifths of men (37 per cent) working in UK offices spend less than 30 minutes a day walking around at work.

The poll also found that almost two fifths (38 per cent) are so tied to their desks they’ve confessed to emailing someone right next to them, while over half (52 per cent) regularly eat lunch at their desk. Almost a third (31 per cent) of the respondents revealed that they sit for so long they even put off going to the toilet.

The survey also found that almost eight in ten (78 per cent) office workers surveyed feel they spend too much time sitting down at work while 62 per cent fear this could have a negative impact on their health. Two thirds (66 per cent) say they are significantly less active at work than at home.

With various studies already branding sedentary behaviour as a risky one and one that invites a range of cardiovascular diseases, experts have been advising chair-bound office goers to take regular time-off from their chair to either stretch a little or have a stroll around the office.

British Heart Foundation has joined hands with Get Britain Standing to launch the UK’s first On Your Feet Britain campaign scheduled for April 24. Through this campaign, the organizations are encouraging workers to ditch their office chairs and raise vital funds for cardiovascular disease.

“Leading a sedentary lifestyle at work could be negatively impacting your performance and increasing your risk of developing health problems later in life. Spending less time sitting down and more time moving could benefit your health and make you more productive”, said Gavin Bradley, Founder of Active Working C.I.C and the Get Britain Standing campaign.

“That’s why we need office workers to be more aware of their “Sitting Calculator” and some simple steps to break up prolonged sitting bouts at work.”

Bradley added that the On Your Feet Britain is a fun event that not only helps one burn more calories, but also reduces one’s risk to cardiovascular disease.

Companies can sign up online and hold a range of fun activities to get their workers moving more.

For more information and to sign up to On Your Feet Britain visit www.onyourfeet.org.uk