Microsoft Windows Azure hit by worldwide partial compute outage

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Microsoft Windows Azure is at the receiving end of a global partial compute outage since October 30 2.35AM UTC questioning the capabilities of Redmond to effectively partition its service.

It has been over 20 hours now since the problems first emerged and according to the latest message on Window Azure Service Dashboard, “Manual actions to perform Swap Deployment operations on Cloud Services may error, which will then restrict Service Management functions.” Microsoft has revealed that it is collecting all the required data to analyze the root cause and working towards resolution of the issue.

All regions where Microsoft provides its Windows Azure service is affected including East Asia, East US, North Central US, North Europe, South Central US, Southeast Asia, West Europe and West US.

It seems that the same issue is affecting all the regions and Microsoft is advising customers against any manual swap deployment operations as they may error out. Using Swap deployment developers carry out virtual IP address swaps between staging and production environments and though it is not a main component of the IaaS cloud, it may raise a question mark on Microsoft’s ability to effectively maintain its services at a global scale.