Activision releases Call of Duty: Ghosts gameplay video, details Perk system

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Activision has served a new Call of Duty: Ghosts gameplay video that focuses on Extinction mode, while also covering insights from some key developers over at Infinity Ward and Neversoft.

The gameplay video [below] shows off aliens jumping over the players, climbing walls, and attacking from different directions among other such maneuvers pointing towards a major overhaul to the Call of Duty engine. The developers said that they wanted to have all such interesting traversals in the game to make the game more engaging and realistic.

Brian Bright, project director at Neversoft, said, “It took about four to six months to get all the pieces in place so that our scripters could move on to the game design. We really wanted to have a focus on base defence mixed with survival wave defence as well as scavenging and class levelling.”

In other Call of Duty: Ghosts news, Activision has put up a guide that details the game’s seven Perk categories and new squad points. There are a total of 35 different perks and each of them is worth from 1 to 5 load-out points. Users will have eight perk points to spend by default and an additional four perk points if they forego all their weaponry and equipment at the start of each spawn.