Streaking ball of white flame lights up the sky over Nova Scotia

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A streaking ball of white flame resulting from a meteorite fall over Canada’s East Coast Tuesday night lit up the sky over Nova Scotia and this spectacular display was caught on video by Nova Scotia Webcams.

Dubbed as a “random” event caused by an above-average chunk of space rock the fireball was seen over Nova Scotia at approximately 9 p.m. The space debris left a trailing a white streak of fire across the sky before it flared into a ball of white flame eventually disappearing from sight.

People took to social media soon after the bright streak of light was seen to talk about it. According to reports, the phenomenon was seen by people in the Annapolis Valley, Antigonish, Sydney and even some on Prince Edward Island.

“Fireballs happen all the time,” astronomer David Lane told CBC. “There’s something like 100 tonnes of stuff that hits the Earth every day from space, but [in] Nova Scotia, or I should say the Maritimes, there’s only been one meteorite ever found on the ground.”