IsoHunt.com finds a new home – IsoHunt.to

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Just days after Gary Fung settled with MPAA and pulled the plug on IsoHunt.com, an IsoHunt lookalike in the form of IsoHunt.to has already surfaced on the web.

Gary Fung pulled the plug early on the IsoHunt.com in a bid to thwart any attempts of archival, but it seems that the move didn’t go as planned and there is a team, not affiliated or linked with the original IsoHunt Inc. in any way, which has managed to host a site similar in looks and functionality to IsoHunt.com through a new domain IsoHunt.to.

The new domain looks quite similar to the original IsoHunt with categories on the left and torrent pages detailing the same information as one would have found on the original website. The interface is very familiar and it wouldn’t be hard for users to navigate through the site and find the information they require.

While speaking with TorrentFreak, the team behind IsoHunt.to, said that IsoHunt.com can be called a filesharing icon and that is has been a big loss for everyone who have been using it over the years.

“We want those people to feel like being at home while visiting isohunt.to. The main goal is to restore the website with torrents and provide users with the same familiar interface”, said one of the source.

The team claims that they are neither affiliated with IsoHunt.com nor have anything to do with the ArchiveTeam. The team has managed to restore 75 percent of IsoHunt.com’s original database.

The new domain doesn’t provide any of the forums or user profile options and neither does it have torrent commenting options, but chances are some of the features may be added in the next update.