‘BlackBerry Protected’ rolls out for Android and iOS


BlackBerry has rolled out its enterprise-grade BBM Protect for Android and iOS devices.

The BBM Protected is a high-security messaging app that allows users to chat without worrying of any potential hacking attacks. The security service encrypts all messages with keys which are generated by the communicating mobile devices themselves.

Until now, BBM protect was only accessible through Blackberry devices but now devices running Android and iOS will also be able to use the feature.

In order to use the encrypted chat service, users can start a secured conversation on the BBM Protect and invite non-BBM protected users into the conversation, as long as they have the BBM app on their device.

“BBM Protected offers an enterprise-grade secure instant messaging service with all the features of a consumer IM app, the hardening of on-premise security together with the convenience of a cloud service. All messages are encrypted using keys generated by the communicating mobile devices themselves,” the Canadian smartphone maker noted in its blog post.

Blackberry claims that their software will save the consumer from ‘man in the middle’ hacker attacks to provide greater security than other competing services.

BBM Protected is now available for download on Android and iOS devices. It supports Android 4.0 or above and BBM 2.6 or above. The smartphone maker is also offering a 30-day free trial.