Two weeks after original announcement h33t.to still in hiatus

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H33t migrated to a new domain H33t.to after its .com and .eu domains were seized in quick succession, but it has been nearly two weeks since the original announcement of going live and H33t.to is still showing the “Congratz you have found our new .to domain” message.

The h33t.eu domain went down sometime during the last week of September – just months after the .com domain was seized. Both the domains were seized following court orders on request from major music labels from different countries with backing from MPAA.

The h33t.to domain is the new home of one of the largest torrent trackers on the web, but the message on the landing page hasn’t changed since it first appeared on October 16. “The h33t tracker is offline. I need to do some work to get it working. I am holding h33t offline until the latest DNS update is fully propagated, she will be back within 48 hours.” reads the original message.

It has been well over 48 hours now, 384 to be precise, and there is no sign of any activity on the domain. The tracker is definitely on according to people who have tried to download files using h33t. Our friends at TorrentFreak had informed us that they have been trying to get through to h33t domain admins, but to no avail.