Yahoo wants its users to forget login passwords

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Yahoo has introduced a new feature dubbed ‘On-demand passwords’ which eliminates the need to remember passwords.

The new feature lets users log into their Yahoo accounts using a short password which the company texts to their phone instead of having to remember their own password.

“We’ve all been there,” Chris Stoner, director of product management at Yahoo, noted in a blog post. “You’re logging into your email and you panic because you’ve forgotten your password. After racking your brain for what feels like hours, it finally comes to you. Phew!”

“Today, we’re hoping to make that process less anxiety-inducing by introducing On-demand passwords, which are texted to your mobile phone when you need them. You no longer have to memorize a difficult password to sign in to your account — what a relief!”

In order to activate the new feature, users will need to log into their Yahoo account using normal passwords and then in the security settings, they will have to turn on on-demand passwords and register their phone numbers. The next time when they will try to login, they will find the password field replaced by a button that says “send my password” and on pressing the button the company will text a four-character password to their phone.

The service is available now to Yahoo subscribers in the United States.

Yahoo also announced that end-to-end encryption of “sensitive emails” would come to Yahoo Mail by the end of the year.