Apple to announce iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C sales figure today

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At Apple’s Q4 earnings call to be held today, the company will reveal its iPhone 5S and 5C sales and revenue forecasts.

In September the iPhone 5S and 5C model handsets were released in the US, Europe and a few other countries, while the same were released only last week in 35 other countries. The company also launched its new range of devices including iPad mini 2 and iPad Air last week.

Recent reports indicate that iPhone 5C isn’t faring well and the demand for the cheaper iPhone is quite low as compared to iPhone 5S. Even a price discount of $100 offered by the iPhone maker did not prove to be favoring the sales.

Apple announced sales of around 9 million iPhone 5S and 5C models during the launch weekend of the devices. The sales figure however did not reveal iPhone 5S and 5C sales separately.

In the fourth fiscal quarter ending September, Apple is expected to report iPhone sales in tune of 33 million to 36 million and iPad sales of around 15 million.

The Apple fourth quarter 2013 earnings call will take place at 2PM PDT or 5PM EDT. You can get more details here.