World’s first dot-com domain is 30 years old now

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The world’s oldest dot-com address has finally turned 30 on Sunday.

The first, and oldest, registered domain name, Symbolics.com, was registered by technology company Symbolics on 15 March 1985.

The company designed and manufactured a line of Lisp machines, single-user computers optimized to run the Lisp programming language. In 2009, Symbolics sold the domain to a company called XF.com Investments for an undisclosed amount. Now Symbolics.com offers a few unique advertising opportunities for select companies.

“In the last 30 years, the Internet has evolved from an unknown phenomenon used primarily by academics and researchers to a global communication, commerce and information sharing channel that few could imagine life without,” said Verisign, the authoritative registry operator of dot-com, in a press release.

According to Verisign, even though new domains like .gov and .net exist, .com domains have dominance on the internet. There is at least one new .com domain registered every second.

“Dot-com is more than just an address. It’s a globally recognised and respected brand itself that nearly every major global brand, including 100 per cent of the Fortune 500, has entrusted with their online presence,” said Jim Bidzos, executive chairman, president and CEO at Verisign.

There are currently over 115 million dot-com domains registered worldwide, accounting for around 42 per cent of all web addresses.