Nintendo 2DS gets £10 price cut in less than two weeks after launch

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Retailers in the UK have knocked £10 off the price of Nintendo 2DS and are selling it just £99.

The hit UK shelves on October markets on October 12 with a price tag of £109.99 and a drop below £100 was non-debatable as Christmas approached, but a price drop in less than two week after launch is something totally unexpected. This price cut accounts for nearly a £1 off the original retail price for each day it has been on the shelves.

Retailers including Sainsbury’s, Tesco Direct, Argos and Amazon have reduced the 2DS pricing to a sub-£100 level. Sainsbury’s is selling the Nintendo 2DS for just £99.99, while Tesco Direct is selling it for £99 online. Argos is going to offer the console and two games LEGO – The Lord of the Rings and Moshi Monsters: Katsuma for as little as £99 while Amazon UK is selling it for £99 as well. The Argos deal will expire on October 26.

Nintendo recently stopped production of its Wii console in Japan and the company hasn’t been doing well lately despite the fact that it had bumper sales in the last two months because of launch of Zelda and other highly anticipated games.

In a bid to boost sales of its not-so-successful Wii U gaming console, Nintendo has also announced three different bundles.