Google updates YouTube Android app with video trimming feature

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Google has updated its YouTube app for Android devices to add support for video trimming feature. Using the new feature, users will now be able to trim videos before uploading them to the web.

“We’re proud to introduce a new video-trimming feature and inline video previews for our app. Now you can select the exact frame where the video starts and ends, giving you precise control of your trims in a simple, intuitive way,” YouTube Creators noted in a Google+ post.

The new feature allows users to set the beginning and end points of the video with control points on the timelines at the time of uploading it. In addition, it also comes with an inline video preview to ensure users get the right part of the footage before uploading it on the web. The app requires users to shoot the video in the “portrait” format.

YouTube also promises faster video uploads.

“And with faster upload capability, it’s never been easier to upload your YouTube videos on-the-go,” the company added.

In order to activate the new features, users can head to Play Store, select YouTube and tap Update. They can also download the updated app from Google Play Store. There’s no word on when iOS users will get the video trimming feature.