Comet SOHO-2875 could be spotted by Earth based observers soon

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A comet dubbed SOHO-2875 recently flew past the Sun closely (in astronomical terms) and surprisingly survived the trip and astronomers now believe that there is a 50 per cent chance that the comet could be detectable by Earth based observers over the course of next few weeks.

Most comets seen by SOHO belong to the Kreutz family – all of which broke off from a single giant comet many centuries ago; however, this isn’t one of them.

Known as sungrazers, these comets usually evaporate in the intense sunlight. This comet made it to within 2.2 million miles of the sun’s surface – but survived the trip intact.

SOHO Comet

Karl Battams, a solar scientist at the Naval Research Lab in Washington DC, believes that there is a descent chance that the comet is picked up by ground based observers.

“There’s a half-decent chance that ground observers might be able to detect it in the coming weeks. But it’s also possible that events during its trip around the sun will cause it to die fairly fast.”