Adblock Plus now blocks 21 additional Facebook ‘annoyances’

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Adblock Plus has announced that its tool is not capable of blocking a total of 21 additional Facebook ‘annoyances’ including Add to Movies, People You May Know, Rate These Places, and Recommended Pages among others.

Adblock Plus was already capable of blocking Facebook ads, sponsored stories, promoted posts, page post ads, and standard ads. But the tool can now block other potentially unwanted elements “that insert themselves automatically into your news feed and sidebar”, notes Adblock Plus.

ABP notes that these potentially unwanted elements are not advertisements, but the material is actually from Facebook itself and the social networking platform serves it to users based on the information it gathers from users’ profiles and activities.

“Keeping track of these annoyances is a tall task. Our new feature makes blocking them easy. You can either: block all annoyances; block only sidebar annoyances; or block only news feed annoyances”, notes Adblock Plus in a blog post.

Some of the other elements other than those listed above which can be blocked include Rate To Add To Your Movies, Get Important News, Suggested Groups, Rate Movies You’ve Watched, Games You May Like, Friend Finder/Find More Friends, Play It Again, Suggest Friends, and Nearby Places among others.

ABP has garnered mixed reactions from both content creators and users. Content creators are particularly against the ad blocking tool whereas users are tired of the obnoxious experience killing adverts that clog a web page and even leak privacy data.