Xbox One won’t run all Windows 8 apps says Microsoft

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Microsoft has barged in on the Xbox One will run Windows 8 apps discussion and has clarified that such claims are inaccurate.

A page on Dell’s website claims that users will be able to run and sync their favourite Windows 8 apps on Xbox One, Windows Phone, Desktop, tablet and TV giving them a “unified web and entertainment experience.”

Microsoft has however claimed that these claims are inaccurate. In an emailed statement to AllThingsD, Microsoft spokesperson said “The suggestion that all Windows 8 apps run on Xbox One is not accurate.” Redmond hasn’t denied the possibility of Xbox One running Windows 8 apps either. It seems that developers would be required to fiddle around with the apps to ensure that they run on both the platforms, but no clarity on that has been provided.

Microsoft said earlier that Xbox One operating system is similar to Windows 8 which would allow developers to write Xbox One apps that strongly resemble Windows 8’s, but it has left the possibility of universal apps open as well.

During the BUILD 2013 keynote, Khan Academy app was showcased running on an Xbox One console clearly indicating that Windows 8 app can run on the Xbox One.

Xbox One will go on sale in 13 countries including Australia, Austria, France, Germany, Brazil, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Mexico, New Zealand, U.S and U.K. on November 22nd. Just one month to go before we have all the details with us!