Beheading videos return to Facebook

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Facebook has lifted the temporary imposed in May and is now allowing users to post and share videos of beheadings on its site.

The company will permit the posting of such acts only if users posting them “condemn” the violent acts and not celebrate them. The social networking giant is of the opinion that users should be free to watch and strongly condemn such violent videos.

Earlier in May, Facebook banned decapitation videos after an influx of complaints that such videos were causing long timer physiological damage.

The lifting of the ban came to light after a user reported a video showing a woman being beheaded by a Mexican drug cartel and failed filed a complaint against it with Facebook. After receiving a complaint from the user, the social networking giant responded that the video doesn’t violate “Facebook’s Community Standard on graphic violence, which includes depicting harm to someone or something, threats to the public’s safety, or theft and vandalism.”

Facebook added that it has been a platform which is used to share experiences – those including controversial events, “human-rights abuses, acts of terrorism and other violent events.” According to Facebook, such videos are being shared on Facebook to condemn such acts and not to celebrate them. If Facebook finds that such videos are being celebrated it would take a different approach.

Facebook has also revealed that it is trying to work towards alerting users and giving them additional control over the content they see on the social networking platform. Facebook said that such alerts may include warnings, messages stating that they are about to see content that has graphic violence.