China shutters 65 dating and match-making websites for spreading obscene content

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China’s internet regulator has banned 65 dating and other match-making websites for spreading obscene content and allowing registration with false names, the country’s Xinhua state news agency reported on Tuesday.

According to the report, citing the Cyberspace Administration of China, websites that have been made to shut down are the ones with names like “Get a one-night stand” and “Playing with you net”.

“These websites allowed the use of false identities at will to register … or spread obscene and lascivious content,” the report read. “The circumstances were serious and the effects terrible.”

Last week, the State media reported that the regulator is looking to target fraud taking place on dating websites and other online match-making sites.

China is in favor of exercising tight control over the Internet as it believes that the same is needed to ensure social stability and morality in the society as well as to protect consumers and pass off concerns of censorship from rights groups.