Microsoft updates Xbox.com with new ‘Activity Feed’, ‘Suggested Friends’ features

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Microsoft has added new features to the Xbox.com website including the Xbox Activity Feed and Suggested Friends feature.

The New Activity Feed feature allows Xbox One users to scroll through all the achievements their friends have earned or messages posted as well as view GameDVR clips directly from any browser. Users can also add a status update to their own Xbox Live account that’ll show up in the Activity Feeds of others.

Anything posted on the Activity Feed – like status updates, achievements, comments or videos – can be shared to Twitter and Facebook. Activity feeds can also be viewed on the Xbox One SmartGlass app.

The Redmond has also added a Suggested Friends section, which will help Xbox One users find, connect and interact with other users with similar tastes in the video gaming world. The new feature also collects VIPs who’ve shared interesting clips or broadcasted games releasing.The Suggested Friends feature can be found under the ‘Friends’ tab on the website, right next to ‘Recent Players’.

Furthermore, Microsoft is also allowing anyone who doesn’t like the new Activity Feed to revert back to the old version if they want.

The company has also teased the ability to capture screenshots as part of a future update.