Apple testing electric car waters says new report

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Apple is said to be working on an electric car of its own to rival the likes of Tesla among other auto makers and if reports are to be believed, Cupertino has a sizable team that is already working in that area.

Two reports, one from The Wall Street Journal and the other from Reuters, are claiming the same thing and internally the Apple Car project is codenamed “Titan”.

Apple’s car isn’t going to a challenger to self-driving cars, but it is working on electric cars that will rival Tesla. Earlier there were reports that Apple was prepping a Street View rival after some minivans leased to Apple, equipped LiDAR sensors and cameras, were spotted driving in Claycord, California. There were those who said that the vans were self-driving car prototypes.

According to the Wall Street Journal a number of top company executives are working on Titan and the report also pointed out that Cupertino has held talks with high-end car markers and that Apple is working with designer Marc Newsom, who has experience with car design.

The Journal even claims that Apple’s decision of working on an electric car has motivated quite a few employees to stay at the company. There have been reports that Tesla has poached over 150 Apple employees in recent years and Apple’s decision to start work on an electric car may have prevented many from jumping ship.

Despite these reports, we are inclined to believe that an Apple Car might not be launched anytime soon considering that Apple, like other technology companies, is known to work on prototypes that never make it out as full-fledged products and that Apple Car is one of those.

It does make sense that Apple may be dwelling on an idea of releasing electric cars of its own as Tim Cook has already hinted at things that Apple is working on which no one is aware about.

“There are products that we’re working on that no one knows about,” he said in September to interviewer Charlie Rose. “That haven’t been rumored about yet.”