Mars One shortlist of 100 applicants for one-way trip to Mars to be announced

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Mars One will soon be announcing a shortlist of applicants who have made it to the final 100 on Monday out of a total of 200,000 who applied when the project was initially announced. Out of the 100, a total of 24 will be flying to Mars in 6 crews comprising of 4 members each.

NASA is still years away from sending humans to Mars, but the Netherlands-based organisation believes that it will not only be able to send humans to Mars by 2024, but it will be able to establish a fully functional colony on the red planet where these select 24 applicants will live out the rest of their lives.

The project is the brainchild of Bas Lansdorp, a Dutch entrepreneur, who says that he has never been intimidated by bold ventures. Project’s chief technical officer is Arno Wielders who has worked on space telescopes and involved in ozone-monitoring projects since he gained an MSc in physics at the Free University of Amsterdam in 1997.

Mars One notes on its website: “Much of what was learned from Skylab, Mir and the International Space Station has resulted in vital data, experiences with systems and related know-how – all of which are applicable to living on Mars.”

According to Mars One, their next step involves sending a satellite to Mars in 2018, a rover in 2020 and a cargo vessel with a habitation module in 2022 for the first colonists to live in.

The final 24 applicants will be broken into six teams of four people each. These applicants will soon be initiating a nine years training and prep sessions to get ready for their remaining life on Mars. The teams will be competing against each other to battle it out for a shot at being the first team to travel to Mars.

As far as funding is concerned, the project is estimated to cost a whopping £4 billion, out of which only £500,000 has been raised so far.

According to The Independent, out of the 100 remaining applicants sixty-three have PhDs, and 12 are doctors. The applicants are from all over the world with the youngest being 18 and the oldest being 71. The final tally includes lawyers, pilots, veterans and businessmen.

Maggie Lieu, 24, from Coventry, is one of those who made it to the final 600 and she is open to having a baby on Mars. Talking to BBC’s Newsbeat yesterday she said: “I’m very open to having a baby on Mars. I think it would be really exciting to be the mother of the first ever baby born there. My baby could be the first ever Martian: we’d be the Adam and Eve of Mars.”