Facebook and Google come together to sell ads

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DoubleClick, Google’s online ad-placing service, has announced that Google and Facebook will be partnering to sell ads. The search engine giant will be using the social networking website to sell more of its ads signaling a possible influx of marketing messages users’ news feed.

This does not mean that Google will post ads on the social network, rather Google’s existing advertisers who currently hold space on Google’s sites will be allotted advertisement space on Facebook advertising network. Interested advertisers will be using DoubleClick Bid Manager bidding software to buy premium advertising spots on Facebook in an auction style.

The news of Google coming together with social networking behemoth has led the company’s shares breach the $1,000 mark for the first time. Google’s’ stock was valued at $1,011.41 at the closure of Friday trading on Nasdaq. Facebook’s stock price also hit a record high closing at a trading price of $54.22 on Friday.

Payam Shodjai, senior product manager at DoubleClick said that Google has always been in favour of partnering with companies as “a rising tide lifts all boats” which means if one of the companies make money, the other will too.