Microsoft Surface Pro 4: Improved specs, reduced pricing, two variants

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Rumours about Microsoft Surface Pro 4 are increasing week-over-week and with Surface Pro 2 production reportedly ceased, Redmond is likely to announce its latest in the tablet line-up as early as this year itself.

Rumours have been suggesting that Surface Pro 4 will include specifications that will dawn even some top-of-the-line laptops. Microsoft suppliers have been talking about a surface Pro 3 successor with up to 16GB RAM, 2160 x 1440 pixel resolution screen, up to 1TB storage, and Xbox game streaming feature.

With improved processors, larger RAM will definitely give Surface Pro 4 an edge over all tablets out there and a larger storage with improved screen resolutions will make it gamers’ tablet of choice.

Ability to run full-fledged Windows 10 will be something that will help Surface Pro 4 compete with all other hybrids and even laptops.

There have been reports that the Windows 10 maker will release its latest Surface Pro tablet in two screen sizes – one an upgrade of existing Surface Pro 3 and the second one with a larger 12.9-inch or possibly a 14-inch screen to appeal to professionals.

Above all is is said that Microsoft will reduce the pricing of its Surface Pro 4 to appeal to a larger consumer base – something that it would inevitably need to do to ship more tablets and garner a greater share in the market. Till now, Surface Pro tablets have been out of reach of many consumers because of the steep pricing. After taking a hit of nearly $1 billion in its initial Surface tablets, a higher price point to recover losses wasn’t completely an unexpected move from Microsoft.

But with Surface Pro 2 selling comparatively better than the initial Surface Pro and Surface Pro 3 making waves in the hybrid market, its about perfect time to launch Surface Pro 4 at a reduced price bracket.

We anticipate a late-2015 or an early 2016 launch of Surface Pro 4.