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New Smart Keyboard is smart enough to recognize typing patterns

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Scientists have developed a new smart keyboard which as its name suggest is smart enough to recognize the typing patterns of individual users.

Developed by researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the University of California at Riversi, the alleged smart keyboard identifies users by analyzing their patterns such as the pressure applied to keys and the speed at which key presses are carried out. This technology will prevent unauthorized users from gaining direct access to computers.

“This capability will provide administrators with great convenience for identifying impostors or intruders, and it will have extensive applications in keyboard-based information security,” the researchers say.

Besides the keyword also has the ability to convert mechanical energy put on the keyboard into actual power.
“The energy conversion is enabled by contact electrification between human fingers and keys, which converts mechanical stimuli applied to the keyboard into local electronic signals without applying an external power,” reads a paper published by the researchers.

“The energy conversion could be used to effectively harness typing motions for electricity to charge commercial electronics at arbitrary typing speeds greater than 100 characters per minute.”

Last but not the least a hydrophobic coating is able to keep the keyboard clean and free of dirt and grime.

“The intelligent keyboard is also an effective self-cleaner, which keeps itself free of dirt and grime. Even a sweaty hand can barely degrade the output performance, and the [intelligent keyboard] is also easily cleaned up if contamination occurs,” reads the research paper’s abstract.

There’s no word on the commercial availability of the keyboard yet.

The prototype smart keyboard has been detailed out in an ACSNano journal-published paper entitled “Personalized Keystroke Dynamics for Self-Powered Human–Machine Interfacing”.