Apple Watch battery would drain in few hours if used actively, new report claims

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New reports suggest battery life of Apple’s upcoming ‘Apple Watch’ would not be that impressive.

Cupertino had earlier announced that Apple smartwatch users would be required to charge the device on a daily basis; it did not reveal any concrete battery life information. However, new report courtesy technology website 9to5mac, citing sources familiar with the Watch’s development, claims that Apple smartwatch would last about two to three days in standby mode, and between 2.5 and 3.5 hours of active application use.

The report points out that a powerful processor coupled with a “high-quality” screen for the Apple Watch could be possible culprits contributing to the device’s poor battery life.

As per the report, Apple initially wanted the Apple Watch battery to offer roughly 2.5 to 4 hours of active application use versus 19 hours of combined active/passive use, 3 days of pure standby time, or 4 days if left in a sleeping mode.

‘We’re told that Apple has been shooting for roughly 19 hours of mixed usage each day, but that the company may not hit that number in the first generation version,’ the report noted.

The report adds that the Apple Watch will use a toned-down version of iOS (codenamed SkiHill) and pack an Apple S1 chip, which delivers performance similar to the Apple A5 chip used by the current generation iPod touch. The smartwatch is said to feature a Retina-class color display that is capable of outputting 60fps.

The Apple Watch is expected to launch in March of 2015. While complete pricing details remains unknown, the entry-level model is expected to sell for around $349.