Microsoft patents ‘Inconspicuous Mode’ for smartphones

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Microsoft has been granted a patent for a new mode that would make mobile devices less distracting in certain environments, such as movie theatres and meetings.

The new ‘Inconspicuous Mode’ will be able to automatically change a number of settings on user’s smartphones based on their location. The mode would adjust things like brightness, phone sound, lock screen information and more after detecting the location of the user.

“A communication device is configured to switch from a normal mode of operation to an inconspicuous mode of operation in which a reduced set of information is presented on a home screen of a display of the device in comparison to a set of information presented on the home screen in the normal mode of operation,” the abstract of the patent titled “Inconspicuous Mode for Mobile Devices” reads.

Users will have the option to turn the mode off or customize the settings manually and decide what features they want to deactivate under inconspicuous mode and which they want to remain functioning.

As per the patent filing, the feature will come integrated with the calendar app, which means users will be able to schedule the phone to go into the inconspicuous mode in advance.

The new mode would be ideal for movie theatres, dinner dates, office meetings as well as while going to bed.

There is no word yet as to when this feature might be incorporated into smartphones.