Apollo 7 mission photos captured UFO; astronauts use duct tape to redact sighting

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In an archive footage of Apollo 7 mission – the first manned mission to take astronauts into space and around the Earth, there is an image that shows UFO, but after astronauts realised what was at stake, they decided to redact the sighting with a duct tape.

Hiding truth and finding from average Joe isn’t an uncommon thing for any government organisation including NASA and the Apollo 7 mission was no different. The Apollo 7 image archives available at the Lunar and Planetary Institute contains over 100 images and contains awesome images [as of those days] of Earth as seen from space.

Scrolling right through to the bottom of the page shows three images with names AS07-07-1874, AS07-07-1878 and AS07-07-1879. The first image in question AS07-07-1874 shows off a UFO – seemingly like a space ship – on the top right hand corner. The other two images AS07-07-1878 and AS07-07-1879 has almost the entire screen covered with duct tape – a redaction technology available during those days!

A recent redaction instance happened just recently. An alleged UFO was captured through the HD camera on board the International Space Station (ISS) and NASA cut the live stream stating that there were technical difficulties. Those who were watching the live feed at the time noticed it and quite a few videos ended up on YouTube with many demanding an answer to the question from NASA as to what the object truly was. NASA is yet to comment on the matter.