Sarah Brightman ready for $52 million space journey; starts training in Russia

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Sarah Brightman has shelled out a whopping $52 million for her 10-day trip to the International Space Station, but she isn’t complaining and to ensure that she doesn’t waste a single second of this rare opportunity, the singer has commenced a nine month-long training at Russia’s cosmonaut training facility.

Brightman, known for “Phantom of the Opera” and ‘Time to Say Goodbye’, will become the eighth tourist and first professional singer to travel into space. According to her own website (http://www.sarahbrightman.com/news/sarah-brightmans-space-dream-begins), the singer has been fascinated by first landing of moon and has been dreaming of travelling to space ever since.

The singer was supposed to commence training last week, but the training was delayed because of ‘family reasons’. Some other reports suggest that the training was delayed because she wasn’t in best of her health and unfit to commence training.

“Throughout most of my life, I felt an incredible desire to take the journey to space,” she said back in October 2012 during her trip announcement. “The opportunity to orbit the Earth, witnessing multiple sunrises and sunsets everyday, looking back to our small, blue life-sustaining jewel from a distance gives me the greatest sense of anticipation.”

Brightman will be travelling aboard a Russian Soyuz capsule to the ISS with cosmonaut Sergey Volkov as its pilot. Astronaut Andreas Mogenson of the European Space Agency will also be travelling with the singer.