Sky to turn on adult content filter by default soon

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UK Broadband provider Sky has announced its Broadband Shield content filter will be turned on by default, unless customers choose to turn it off.

This means that Sky Broadband will block all adult content unless customers log in and manually change the setting.
The Sky ‘Broadband Shield’ will ensure all adult content including pornography, gambling, as well as malware remains inaccessible for all users by default.

Sky said that it will begin notifying customers of the change through email this month to let them know that the filter will be turned on by default and that they can turn it off at any time they wish to.

Lyssa McGowan, Sky’s Brand Director for Communications Products, wrote: “Once Sky Broadband Shield is active, users cannot access a filtered site unless they choose to log in and alter their settings.”

“We’re happy to act in the interest of customer security and online safety. Knowing our customers and the internet as we do, we believe this is the right and simplest solution to a problem we all know is out there.”

The announcement follows UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s push for mandatory opt-in adult filters.