Sony postpones PlayStation 4’s China launch

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Sony, on Thursday announced launch of its PlayStation consoles in China, which was originally scheduled for Sunday, has now been delayed.

“The official launch of PlayStation 4… will be delayed due to various reasons,” two of Sony’s joint ventures in China said in a joint statement.

“The specific product launch date will be given in a separate notice,” the statement said.

The statement from Sony says that a new launch date for the console has not yet been set. The news certainly comes as a massive disappointment for Chinese gamers who were very excited to get the first Sony systems in the country. The delay includes the flagship PlayStation 4, hand-held game console PlayStation Vita, accessories and gaming software.

Sony’s announcement to sell the PlayStation 4 in China came last year in December after the Chinese government lifted a 14-year-old ban on console sales.

Rival Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox gaming console has already made its debut in China four months ago in September 2014.