LinkedIn recruitment tools go mobile

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Recruiters, specifically managers, are so busy now a days that they might have to close job openings through their cellphones while on the move and it seems LinkedIn is targeting just that through its latest LinkedIn Recruiter Mobile app.

Announcing the new app through a post on its Talent Blog, LinkedIn claims that most of the recruiters are still chained to their desktops when it comes to recruitment despite the fact that everything and everyone is going mobile nowadays. This limits productivity as recruiters can’t interact with applicants and recruitment managers while on the move.

LinkedIn notes that more than 30 percent jobs views on the platform are through a mobile device and 50 percent of those who have applied for jobs through mobile have never used a desktop to apply for jobs. “That’s why we’ve focused on making it easy for members to discover jobs on mobile via search and Sponsored Jobs in the feed and immediately apply simply using their profiles,” notes LinkedIn.

Through the Recruiter Mobile app, recruiters can not only interact with candidates and hiring managers, they can also view profiles of over 238 million LinkedIn members through the app. LinkedIn Recruiter customers will be eligible for a free download through Apple App Store. Those who are not using an iPhone can key in the following address www.linkedIn.com/recruiter in their mobile device’s web browser. LinkedIn notes that this is not the end of it and there are more feature that are lined up for the mobile app.

LinkedIn has also announced a second app dubbed ‘Mobile Work With Us’ using which recruiters can reach passive candidates by showcasing their job openings on employees’ profiles. “Since the most popular thing to do on LinkedIn is viewing member profiles and people love working with people they know, Work With Us is a powerful way to turn your employees into brand ambassadors”, notes LinkedIn.

Watch the app in action below: