Indonesia tops cyber-attack charts, China comes in second

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According to latest reports its not China that leads the pack of countries from which most of the cyber-attacks emanate, but Indonesia accounting for nearly 40 percent of all attacks in cyber space.

Akamai, in its new ‘State of Internet’ report for Q2 2013, claims that Indonesia was responsible for 38 percent of the cyber-attacks up from 21 percent during the first quarter. China followed in closely with 33 percent of attacks and US came in third with 6.9 percent of the attacks.

The report notes that there has been a notable increase in distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks – an increase of 54 percent quarter over quarter – with a total of 318 registered attacks in Q2. Out of these 318 attacks over 42 percent targeted the enterprises, over 28 percent targeted commerce firms and 16 percent targeted media and entertainment companies.

Akamai also notes that the global average peak broadband connection speeds have increased by 0.1 percent to 18.9 Mbps. Some of the fastest countries in terms of connection speeds are HongKong with 65.1 Mpbs, South Korea 53.3 Mbps, followed by Japan at 48.8 Mbps, Bahrain at 40.3 Mbps and Taiwan 39.5 Mbps.

The report also notes that port 443 (SSL) and port 80 (HTTP) were the most targeted ports during Q2, 2013. Akamai makes a special note of Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) and its targeted attacks and notes that the hacking collective is not directly supported by the Syrian government, but is aware of its actions.