Microsoft Surface Pro 4 expected in two screen sizes

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With Surface Pro 3 Microsoft more or less struck the right chord and could have possibly even earned profits and building upon its success, Redmond is expected to release Surface Pro 4 next year with multiple improvements.

Microsoft reportedly shelved Surface Mini at the last moment and that could be because of the over-crowded market space that is flooded with 7- and 8-inch sized tablets. A business case with an all-powerful desktop-level OS on a small-sized tablet isn’t greatly justified and Microsoft may have taken the correct decision of shelving the tab. But we have been hearing rumours that it may release an 8-inch tablet after all.

A larger-sized tablet is always a possibility as Windows 10 makes it to the open next year. A 12-inch Surface Pro 4 powered by Windows 10 is something that Microsoft supply chain has been abuzz since a few weeks. Further, Microsoft is also expected to release an upgrade to the existing Surface Pro 3 with improved processor, RAM and storage options.

Microsoft will want to ensure that Surface Pro 3 improves upon battery life to ensure that it fits the need of enterprise users. A 12-inch iPad Pro is also rumored and we believe that Microsoft will want to beat Apple by releasing a larger-screened Surface Pro 4 before Apple releases its own.

As we reported earlier Microsoft and Apple aren’t the only companies rumoured to release a larger tablet as Sony is also eyeing an increased share of the tablet market with a 12-inch tablet. It is said that Sony is waiting for Intel’s Broadwell-U chips and so is Microsoft. If that is the case, we anticipate larger tablet from Sony and Microsoft just around the same time.