Battlefield Hardline’s new ‘Karma’ gameplay trailer released

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Electronic Arts has launched a new gameplay trailer for Visceral’s Battlefield Hardline called “Karma”.

The new “Karma” trailer features new in-game footage taken from the story mode and multiplayer game, games story elements as well as the missions players will take on. The 90-seconds long trailer also features Jamie N Commons song “Karma” which was revealed at the 2014 Game Awards earlier this month.

Inspired heavily by TV Crime dramas, Battlefield: Hardline will have a story-based single player campaign as well as a multiplayer mode which plays out like a cops vs robbers scenario. The trailer states that the game is “the fastest Battlefield ever” referring to the car chase sequences.

The maker claims all the best aspects of Levolution and expansive gameplay from Battlefield 3 and 4 has been bundled into a brand new package.

Battlefield Hardline will be available in the United Kingdom on March 20, 2015 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC via Origin, the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360.

Pre-orders for Battlefield Hardline can be placed at www.battlefield.com/en_GB/hardline/buy.