Sony threatens Twitter of legal consequences over tweets with leaked hacking details

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Still struggling with the devastating hacking attack which led to massive disclosure of stolen email information, Sony has threatened to sue Twitter if it does not stop its users from tweeting information leaked in the hack of the studio’s systems.

The threat message was sent in an e-mail by Sony Pictures general counsel David Boies to Twitter’s general counsel, Vijaya Gadde, demanding the blogging giant’s cooperation with suspending Twitter accounts associated with disseminating stolen information.

Boies has warned Twitter that if “stolen information continues to be disseminated by Twitter in any manner,” Sony “will have no choice but to hold Twitter responsible for any damage or loss arising from such use or dissemination by Twitter.”

Boies said that Sony “does not consent to Twitter’s or any Twitter account holder’s possession, review, copying, dissemination, publication, uploading, downloading, or making any use of the Stolen Information,” and that it requests Twitter’s cooperation in suspending accounts found to be involved in sharing leaked data.

Furthermore, Monday’s e-mail also called out Twitter to suspend the account of musician Val Broeksmit, whose Twitter handle is @bikinirobotarmy. Mr. Broeksmit was found posting over 50 images that came from the hacks on Twitter, including a Sony movie-release schedule and emails from Brad Pitt, producer Scott Rudin and Ms. Pascal.

To recap, Sony Pictures’ network was hit by a massive security breach attack last month by a hacker group called the Guardians of Peace.

The data attack compromised more than 1TB of sensitive data including private emails of senior executives, security PIN and contact information of Hollywood actors, unreleased movies, scripts of several upcoming movies and much more.