PlayStation 4 shortage looms as Sony acknowledges ‘inventory challenges’

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Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House has revealed that the company is currently dealing with PlayStation 4 ‘inventory challenges’ and there could be a shortage of the gaming console as Christmas approaches.

While speaking with Reuters, House said that the situation won’t be grave to the point that “you won’t be able to find a PlayStation 4”, but it’s going to be “kind of hand to mouth in terms of that market”.

The CEO’s statement comes days after there were reports that Sony has managed to sell over 16 million PS4s till date since its launch and could very well see console sales breach the 20 million units mark by end of the year. The numbers were as of November last week meaning that if the demand of the Black Friday week continues right through to December end, Sony will have to arrange for at least a million units per week.

House didn’t elaborate on how huge the demand for the console is and how tight the supplies will be, but he said that Sony is doing all it could to deal with the demand.