Microsoft removes all third-party Snapchat apps from Windows Phone Store

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Microsoft has taken it unto itself to ensure that Snapchat users aren’t embroiled in another set of leaks. To ensure this Microsoft has removed all third-party Snapchat apps from its Windows Phone Store.

The move may be a great one as far as measures to safeguard security of user data is concerned, but this removal means that Windows Phone users have no way of accessing their account now. The surprising bit is that there has been no official announcement from Microsoft regarding the latest culling.

Removal of the apps comes just a day after there were reports that Snapchat was blocking user accounts who were found to be accessing the service through third-party apps.

Microsoft’s decision wouldn’t have been a single-handed one and Snapchat’s involvement is likely considering that there has been quite a few account blockades over the past few days. Snapchat and Microsoft would have taken the call of removing the apps completely to prevent the situation from going worse.

With official Snapchat apps available on iOS and Android, users on those platforms haven’t been having much of a trouble with removal of third-party apps, but Windows Phone users will definitely face issues considering that there is no official apps.

There have been reports that an official Snapchat app for Windows Phone is in the making, but there has been no news about the official release date. We anticipate an early 2015 release, but it could be earlier as well.