Tweets embedded with images, hashtags have more chances of being re-tweeted: Research

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Tweets loaded with images and hashtags are four times more likely to get re-tweeted, new research claims.

According to a study conducted by digital marketing agency Stone Temple Consulting from Framington, Massachusetts, tweets having images, hashtags and links gears a greater advantage in terms of getting people engaged. The firm conducted the research on around 2 million tweets to ensure the observations were as balanced as possible.

The research found that tweets which contained photographs, hashtags or even links had attracted more attention of users being retweeted 68 per cent of the time compared to 30 percent of text-only tweets.

It was also revealed that 74 percent of tweets that contained media were favourited, whereas for text-only posts, the number rests at only 38 percent. Tweets with hashtags were re-tweeted 49 percent of the time, while those without the hashtags were re-tweeted only 32 percent of the time.

Tweets embedded with a link had 10 percent more chances of being re-tweeted, up from 33 percent of tweets without links.

An interesting conclusion which came out of the study was that the time of day was found to have a very little effect on chances of being re-tweeted; the percentage of getting re-tweeted varied only 35 to 37 percent over a 24-hour period.

So now you know how you can use images and hashtags to bring in more re-tweets on Twitter.