Microsoft Xim update brings support for Xbox One, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and more

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Microsoft has updated its photo sharing app Xim to add new features including support for the Apple TV and Chromecast.

As part of the update, Microsoft’s photo sharing app now boasts display support for browsers and media streaming devices, including Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, Xbox One, and Apple TV. In order to broadcast images to any television screen user will be required to login to the network their streaming devices are connected to and Xim will simply detect the device they are using.

To recap, Xim allows users to create temporary photo slideshows that can be shared across multiple devices simultaneously.

The app eliminates the hassle of having to log into a social network or having a certain app installed to view shared photos. It is only the person, who is sharing the photos needs to have the app installed onto the device, others can view the share photos on any web browser without needing to install the application.

However, participants sharing the Xim can also add their own photos to the slideshow or add more people from their address book if they have the app installed.

With Xim, a user can select and download up to 50 photos from their camera roll, Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram or OneDrive that they wish to share and then send a link to the slideshow to anyone using a mobile number or email address. The shared photos will be accessible only for “a little while,” users can, however, save the photos by tapping on them. The Xim app also supports comments.

The free Xim 1.3 update is available on the App Store, Google Play, and Windows Phone Store.