Kickass Torrents gets new kickass.la domain; says it is having issues with Somalian host

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Kickass Torrents has activated its new kickass.la domain even while the previous domain kickass.so continues to work as normal. The reason behind this transition according to kickass team is that they are facing issues with the Somalian host.

“We here at KickassTorrents are officially announcing another domain name change. We were having some minor problems with the Somalian host, and we are announcing our most recent (and hopefully final) transition to our new domain, kickass.la”, notes Kickass Torrents in a blog.

The team adds that they are receiving a lot of letters from government authorities – we assume they are threatening in nature and that’s the reason the Somalian registry might not be too inclined to let the kickass.so domain be active for long.

The kickass.so domain continues to function as normal as of now and according to the team they are constantly updating their servers to ensure that both domains continue to work.

“If we can work things out with our Somalian friends, the .so domain name will continue to remain usable and will stay online as a proxy server to our main domain, kickass.la”, adds the team.

Last time Kickass Torrents migrated to a new domain was in November when the site kickass.to domain started redirecting to kickass.so. At the time the team behind Kickass said that it was part of a routine domain name change.