Google, Avaya team up to offer Contact Centre Solutions for Businesses

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Tech giants Google and Avaya have announced they have teamed up to develop innovative contact center solutions for businesses.

According to Avaya, the collaboration combines its expertise in customer engagement technologies with Google’s expertise in Web applications and Chromebooks to offer greater simplicity, flexibility and cost efficiency in contact center operations.

The project will enable setting-up of new agents and supervisors in any location, ideal for managing peak or seasonal demands, as well as supporting business continuity, mobile and remote agent strategies. The integrated systems would let customer-support agents access the Avaya call center software, hosted either in the cloud or in a local network, using Chromebooks through a WebRTC-enabled interface.

Tapping the Chrome browser’s native support of WebRTC, users will be able to communicate with audio and video without needing special plugins or add-ons.

“Contact centers are highly dynamic, business critical, functional areas. The flexibility to quickly and cost effectively equip customer service representatives during peak periods such as the holiday seasons, new product launches and marketing campaigns can make a significant difference in capturing revenue and improving customer satisfaction” said Joe Manuele, a vice president at Avaya.

Manuele added businesses buying their solution will benefit from not only cost efficiency but also flexibility. Avaya expects the offering will attract new clients and prompt customers of its call center software to upgrade their systems. Meanwhile, Google hopes the partnership will help boost demand for Chromebook devices.