BBM for Android, iPhone arriving ‘within days’ confirms BlackBerry exec

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Loyal BBM for Android and iPhone fans, who have been waiting for nearly a month now, have something to rejoice now as word right from the horse’s mouth indicates that the cross-platform messenger for both the mobile platforms will see a launch ‘within days.’

Frank Boulben, BlackBerry CMO, through an open letter to media outlets, asked customers to continue counting on BlackBerry as they have substantial cash on their hands and no debt. Boulben added that the company was going through a painful transition, but it will BlackBerry a stronger company.

Boulben, through the letter, said that BBM for iPhone and Android should both be available “within days”. The BBM app allows users to carry out group chats, video chats and screen sharing; however, video chat and screen sharing features will not be provided in the cross platform messenger from day one said the company. However, Android and iPhone users should expect these features to be added to BBM via a future update.

BlackBerry was expected to rollout BBM for Android and iPhone starting day one, but that didn’t go as per the plans. BBM for iPhone was pushed out through Apple App Store on a regional basis, but according to the company over 1 million downloads of an unofficial version of the BBM for Android made it impossible for the company to offer the real experience to Android users. Because of this, the company suspended the BBM rollout and went back to the drawing board in a bid to rework both versions of the app.

Blouben’s letter comes days after BlackBerry had announced that it was “still 100% committed to bringing BBM to Android and iPhone.”