Facebook’s new tool will let you search for posts, news, photos, and more

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Facebook on Monday announced it has rolled out a new tool – ‘Post Search’ – that will enable mobile and desktop users to find old posts they’re interested in.

This means Facebook users will now be able to quickly and easily search as well as track posts and photos which their friends had shared with them in the past. In order to search for older posts and photos, users will need to type in the search box, the content that they are trying to find.

Announcing the new feature, Facebook vice president Tom Stocky said “You’ve told us the most important thing is being able to find posts you’ve seen before, and now you can.”

“With a quick search, you can get back to a fun video from your graduation, a news article you’ve been meaning to read, or photos from your friend’s wedding last summer.”

Stocky said the search results will be “personalized and unique” to each user, pulling from posts by friends, pages and people that users follow or like meaning the closer the connection, the higher are the chances of a given post to display in the results.

Facebook has confirmed that the tool will be made available for users of iOS devices and the desktop version of Facebook starting this week. The company however has not projected any timeframe for the release of the search update for Android and Windows Phone users.