Microsoft Cortana for Windows 10 video shows off working version

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We have know for sometime now that Microsoft will release Cortana for PCs with Windows 10 and a latest video from WinBeta gives us glimpses of the abilities of the digital assistant and an indication that it could very well make the cut in the January consumer preview release.

Cortana on Windows 10 isn’t able to do a lot of things as it can on Windows Phone, but its a start nonetheless. According to the video you won’t be able to launch it using the magic words ‘Hey Cortana’, but will have to click on the taskbar icon to awaken it.

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Currently the capabilities of Cortana on Windows 10 are limited to setting reminders, playing and pausing music, launching apps installed on your computer, displaying weather forecast, and checking location. Further, Cortana only understands English and doesn’t support elaborate chitchatting as it does on Windows Phone.

The report also notes that Cortana’s voice is that of Jen Taylor but at times the speech does revert to a robotic voice; however, the guys at WinBeta claim that they had little problem in understanding Cortana.

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We would like you to remind that the build, which features working version of Cortana, is still in early stages of development and chances are that a lot could change by the time it gets released. Also, Microsoft has said that features it includes in Windows 10 Technical Preview might not make it to further builds, but we don’t expect Microsoft to remove Cortana from future builds.