Microsoft Windows 10 development on schedule for late 2015 release

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Microsoft is working hard to ensure that Windows 10 doesn’t miss its 2015 release timeline and according to latest information shared by Microsoft Operating Systems Group chief Terry Myerson, Windows 10 is on track for a “late summer or early fall” release.

Speaking with attendees at the Credit Suisse technology conference in Phoenix, Arizona, Myerson said that the company is on track to “talk about the end-user consumer experiences in the early spring”.

“And then by late summer and early fall we’ll be able to bring out this particular OS. That’s the current plan of record”, he added.

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This timeline more or less matches the previously shared by Myerson during the September 30 “chapter 1” Windows 10 reveal event in San Francisco. According to information shared by Myerson, we will see some kind of ‘consumer preview’ in early 2015, which we believe is the much talked about Windows 10 Consumer Preview.

In contrast to this, there have been reports that Microsoft isn’t going to release a Consumer Preview in January 2015, but will instead release a Windows 10 January Technical Preview following by a monthly release of other technical previews named by the month i.e. February Technical Preview, March Technical Preview and so on until the general release.

Microsoft is also expected to release its first Windows 10 Mobile SKU in January that will work on smartphones and tablets – both ARM and Intel powered.

The Windows 10 January Technical Preview is also expected to feature a working version of Cortana for PC – a feature that Microsoft has inadvertently dropped hints about in a few Windows 10 builds.

ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley claims through her sources that Microsoft is expected to release touch-first version of Office around the same time as Windows 10 and new version of Office 16.