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Microsoft Windows 10 could trigger upgrades of 600 million PCs, Intel boss says

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Microsoft Windows 10 is expected to be available generally sometime mid-2015 and according to industry experts general availability of Windows 8 successor will trigger a wave of upgrades for over 600 million PCs.

Windows 8/8.1 have been obvious failures as compared to Windows 7 and Microsoft wasn’t able to garner the anticipated response. Consumers and companies resisted upgrading to Windows 8 because of lack of usability and absence of features such as the start button.

However, with Windows 10, Microsoft has been able to build a positive sentiment till now and initial reception to technical preview version of the OS has been positive so far.

Renee James, president at Intel, is of the opinion that aging install base, introduction of new hardware at impressive price points and launch of new OS is ‘kind of a perfect storm’ that will push the upgrade cycle. James is “enthusiastic and optimistic” about what Microsoft is doing with Windows 10.

Similar sentiments have been shared by Dell as well when Neil Hand, vice president of tablets at the company said that Windows 10 provides a consistent user experience and solves many of the usability problems that plagued Windows 8 users.

Hewlett-Packard is also of the same opinion and is looking forward to Windows 10. The company is optimistic about the OS and believes that it could help boost PC shipments in enterprises. “We’re genuinely excited about it,” said John Groden, director of product development for Elitebook laptops at HP.