Microsoft bags mobile email startup Acompli

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Microsoft has acquired mobile email app startup Acompli – a move that Microsoft claims is part of its efforts to provide provide with ways to accomplish more with their mobile devices.

Rumors of a possible acquisition surfaced a few days ago when Microsoft’s corporate vice president Rajesh Jha accidentally posted a blank blog entry from which had words reading “microsoft-acquires-acompli.”

“In a world where more than half of email messages are first read on a mobile device, it’s essential to give people fantastic email experiences wherever they go.”

“The Accompli team is passionate about this quest. Their app provides innovative ways to focus on what’s important in your inbox, to schedule meetings, and work with attachments and files.”

Based in San Francisco, Acompli produces email apps for iOS and Android which helps users manage their email and prioritize messages as well as work with attachments and files.

As part of the deal, the Acompli team will merge with Microsoft’s Outlook division, while it will continue to function as an independent group building out mobile email products.

Accompli’s Javier Soltero said on his blog that the app “will become part of Microsoft’s ambitious effort to reimagine productivity for the mobile era.”

He noted that “We remain committed to the original Acompli vision of making the best mobile email application on any platform and across all services. Your app and accounts will continue to work and the team will continue on our fast pace of improving and adding new functionality every couple of weeks.”

Although financial details of the deal were not made public, technology website ReCode has reported that the acquisition was completed for around $200 million.